About Roth Chemical

Incorporated in the state of Kansas in 2009, Roth Chemical Company, LTD  (RCC)is a subsidiary of Roth Industries, Inc., an environmental consulting firm, based in Overland Park, KS.    

Company Objective

To develop a non-hazardous, non-lethal bird repellent, produced from food-grade materials that can be used to relocate nuisance birds such as grackles, pigeons, starlings, geese and many other species that have become nuisance and/or a health hazard in effected areas.

In late 2009, the complete research, development and registration process for EcoBird 4.0® began and is now fully registered in every state in the United States and has complete EPA approval.  

The EPA registration number is 86583-4.


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Kansas Commerce Article June 2017